Privacy Policy

How we handle your privacy and security

Period28's main goal is to provide features that benefit you directly. Data is only collected if it directly supports features made for you. We do our best that Period28 becomes popular site and app for female health you love and trust.

Using Period28 without an account

If you use Period28 without an account:

  • We don’t know who you are.
  • All of your cycle data is on your device, and we don’t have access to it.
  • If you delete Period28 app or lose your device, your data in Period28 is also deleted or lost.

You need to sign up and your data will automaticaly be stored and sync to other devices if you need.

Period28 collects aggregated and anonymous crash reports and usage data.

Using Period28 with an account

If you create an account with Period28, your anonymous cycle data will be used to create better predictions for your cycle based on statistical analysis of a large quantity of anonymous cycle data and to improve Period28's features.

Security and Privacy

The data you enter into Period28 is private and it should stay that way. Keep your login information (and particularly your password) secret to help us ensure protection of your data. will not sell or transmit to others any personally identifiable data entered on's site or Apps. This personally identifiable data includes your name, e-mail address, identifying charting data or any piece of information which could be associated with your name or email address. will cooperate fully with verified law enforcement authorities and government agencies whenever duly requested to do so. will not collect names or e-mail addresses without your consent. will monitor your web site and App usage only for administration, abuse prevention and support purposes. uses data collected in an aggregate manner (no identification left) to improve its conception tools and provide its users with the most accurate calculations. Occasionally may publish aggregate statistical studies and non identifying data in the form of articles published on its site, scientific articles, conferences or books.

If you have any concerns about our privacy policy, please send your comments/questions using our contact form.

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